Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Help Our Troops Phone Home

Florida Realtors® 'Help a Soldier Call Home'

USO Calling Card
Show our troops we care -
donate today

Your donation allows our men and women fighting overseas to reconnect with their families. Please give as if your freedom depends on it.
Donate online today. Use a credit card and give through the USO’s secure website. Deadline: Aug. 15, 2010.

Why give?

"To our soldiers, ‘going home’ means 10 minutes on the phone hearing a loved one’s voice. If 'home' to our service sons and daughters is a short phone call, then we, as Florida Realtors, should help them find home.” - Wendell Davis, Florida Realtors president.
"When your son is in Iraq or Afghanistan, he’s physically 7,000 miles away, but the distance is much, much farther emotionally. For so many of our sons and daughters, comfort is a phone call. That’s it – their only connection to family." - Patti Fitzgerald, Florida Realtors president elect and mother of two Marines.

"I was able to talk to my wife and family from Afghanistan thanks to the phone cards donated by patriotic individuals, such as Realtors. For that, I offer a sincere thank you." - LCpl Joseph Fitzgerald, Patti Fitzgerald’s son.

The Details

· A donation buys international calling cards that the USO gives to deployed members of the U.S. armed services – the item most requested by our men and women serving overseas.
· Donations are fully tax deductible.
· Anyone may donate. Encourage Facebook friends, clients and family to support our troops.
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